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Parent Testimonials
My daughter Divine started daycare when she was one year old…I was so worried in looking for a Daycare because it is so difficult to find a daycare that really satisfies you and find people you can trust with your child. Hancock Group Family Daycare was the first daycare I visited and it was the last. As soon as I entered, I felt good, and as a mom you know when it’s good. It’s very hard for my daughter to interact with people she does not know, but as soon as she entered she went directly to the play kitchen area of the daycare and was pretend cooking with the toys which was a huge surprise. The curriculum is very educational; I have never seen a daycare that teaches this much as Hancock Group Family Daycare. My daughter is now two years and she counts to 40, she knows the days of the week, she spells her name and tries to write it, she is also learning the months and the colors. I have never met a two year old that knows all of these things. As a parent this makes me happy. I feel my daughter can start kindergarten right now and will not have any problems because she knows all of the basic stuff. I would recommend Hancock Group Family Daycare to anyone in need of a good Daycare. The staff are great with the children and the environment is very friendly, loving and nurturing.
Thank you Hancock Group Family daycare for improving my child’s knowledge.
Emelie (mom of Divine)
Hancock Group Family Daycare is a very loving and family oriented Daycare. They love and treat all the kids equally…I wish my baby Johnny did not have to grow up so he can stay there forever.  Your child will learn everything he/she needs to know and by the time they depart they will be better prepared for the next stage of their lives.  They assist with potty training, the children are served nutritious meals, and they also have a spacious and beautiful backyard/play ground and a great curriculum. The environment is very educational down to the toys…best teachers and school for young tots.
Hands down to the best Daycare in town!!!
Thank you,
The Williams Family
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